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 gparap.com is a website for free android apps and games. They can be yours right now, simply downloading each one using the link on the apps or games section.

All our android apps and games are published on the google playstore, while some of the apps are hosted on the amazon store as well. The code is open source, and you can take a look at it on github gparap 

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You can download all android applications for free on Google's Play Store, Amazon's Appstore, Huawei's AppGallery and Uptodown's App Store.

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The "Tutor" blog application that gathers information about experiential situations and investigates topics of pedagogical interest. Based on paidagogaki.gr

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Area Calculator

Supports almost all known basic shapes. These include Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Rhombus, Equilateral Triangle, Isosceles Triangle, Triangle, Isosceles Trapezoid, Trapezoid, Regular Pentagon, Hexagon, Circle and Oval.

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Movies Vintage

Are you looking for vintage movies from the gold era of Hollywood? Do you want to see John Wayne, Elisabeth Taylor or Bela Lugosi? Well, you are on the right track.

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Painter app is a drawing canvas for android phones and tablets.

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This app requests access to user location and displays the local weather. The user can also search for the weather in many cities around the world. Weather data are displayed using metric and imperial units of measurement.

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My To-Do List

With "My To-Do List" app you have the option to add a new task, mark a task as completed, delete a task (or all tasks) and edit existing tasks.

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Multiplex Clock

This multi-purpose clock is made of four different tools, including an analog clock, a chronometer timer, a countdown timer and an alarm clock.

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Binary Converter

Supports conversion of text to binary code, and binary code to text with a simple click.

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Password Creator Manager

With this multiple manager app you can create your own passwords, evaluate a password, save passwords to app's local database and manage passwords.

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Basic operations supported (+, -, *, /). Modulo supported (%). Decimal numbers supported.

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Currency Converter

Live currency exchange rates are used to convert two currencies. Supports 33 international currencies.

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Barcoder app is a barcode scanner and QR code generator for android phones and tablets.

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My Shopping List

My Shopping List is an app to help you with your shopping using your android device. It makes your everyday shopping life more organized, neat and stress-free.

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You can download all android games for free on Google's Play Store and itch.io's open marketplace.

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Aliens and Platforms

Aliens and Platforms is a classic endless runner game. Choose your alien and jump on platforms, collect diamonds and avoid enemies. Don't forget to stay on the platforms!

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Bikes vs Rallies

Take your bike and start racing against rallies. Can you prove you are the fastest driver around the block?

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Little Jerry's World

"Little Jerry's World" is an old-school platformer! You must help Little Jerry avoid enemies, collect coins and finally deal with the boss to win the game.

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Purple Cosmos Shooter

Flight your way through the stars, shoot UFOs and alien spaceships. Shield-up and watch out for meteorites, as they are in abundance in purple cosmos.

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Risky Flight Pilot

Your plane's engine is almost broken and you have to pass through dangerous mountains and enemy pilots. Fasten your seat belt and tap all the way!

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